Monday, 19 February
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Time Management

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It’s unhealthy (and lame) to regularly announce, "I’m so busy, I’m so swamped." It’s an admission you’re losing the battle to control your calendar. It’s high time you regain control of time.

What better day than today to examine how you spend your time?

The conditions are perfect: you’re exhausted and have seventy-nine things to do before 6 pm when you promised your sib you’d go shopping for clown suits for your nephew’s 7th birthday party.

Properly managing your time includes repositioning your attitude on how you feel about your time spent. If you feel productive, you’ll enjoy your time working more. Likewise, you’ll feel more fulfilled with your work if you perform tasks aligned with your goals.

Time-tracking exercises present the ultimate question: what will you change to improve your productivity?

One thing is sure: staying the course and changing nothing means more inefficient and, perhaps, disillusionment with your role and work. This is your chance to turn that around, but you must do the work.

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive 20 minutes early to meet your sib later this afternoon instead of 20 minutes late? Where are those 40 minutes going to come from?

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"Time is really the only capital any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose." Thomas Edison

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