Tuesday, 6 February
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Meeting Management

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Selling is a series of "one shot to make a good impression," so you must make the most out of your customer meetings. Even if you’ve seen this client a million times, create a meeting agenda!

Ever been in a pitch meeting that completely goes south because of one small issue that blows up? Of course, you have.

Solution: use agendas.

If you feel a little queasy about using agendas when creating an informal tone for your meetings…stop that silly thinking right now! The benefits you’ll reap from presenting an agenda are too plentiful to ignore.

You’ll appear and be more professional to the buyer by using agendas; they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and respect for their time.

Wait ’til you sense the customer’s relief that you’re organized when you open meetings like this: "So I prepared this agenda to ensure we’re productive…oh, and certainly if you have other items you want to cover, I’m happy to listen."

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"The longer the meeting, the less is accomplished." Tim Cook

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