Monday, 18 March
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On this day, Bonnie Blair was born

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You’re no different than Bonnie Blair, except for your quad strength; you’re always trying to learn how to win. Are you training and practicing enough? …in the right way for the results you want?

Bonnie Blair was – and probably still is – a sensational athlete…and winner.

Bonnie was chosen to carry the American flag at the closing ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics. That’s high accolades, considering it’s a direct endorsement coming at the time from all American Olympians.

All great athletes must learn how to win, which requires assessing how their training aligns with their desired results. Early in her career, a boyfriend encouraged Bonnie to refine her "sometimes haphazard training schedule." Bonnie listened and created a grueling cross-training regimen of skating, weight training, running, roller skating, and bicycling.

You’re no different than Bonnie – well, maybe your quads aren’t as thick and strong – in that you’re always trying to learn how to win.

Serious mirror-gazing is obviously your best friend. Are you training and practicing enough? …in the right way for the results you want?

As you know, success is earned. Remember the age ol’ seller’s mantra: manage your performance, not your results!

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"Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before." Bonnie Blair

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