Tuesday, 26 March
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Q2 Strategic Account Planning

Skill + Do

While it may feel like you have hundreds of things to take care of each week in your role, understand that strategically chasing revenue beats fiddling around in your inbox any day.

Strategic account planning is a dynamic process that should get your attention weekly, not just at the end of every quarter.

If you buy the premise that your best thinking comes out of you when you can sit and think and repeat that process with frequency, then you’ve just seen the light about the keys to figuring out complex issues.

Every day, you’re pushed and pulled in numerous directions, but that work is not as fun as when you can thoughtfully think about each key account from a bird’s eye.

Like anything and everything in the sales game, you must be disciplined and committed to strategic account planning just as you are to prospecting, growing your skills, and all the other issues you must attend to regularly.

And while those other things seem to add up to 89 hours a week, understand that strategically chasing revenue beats fiddling around in your inbox any day.

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"I don’t have any magical ability. I look at a problem, play with it, work out a strategy." Terence Tao

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