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Skill + Do

Habitually setting goals is one of the drivers that help sellers excel, but it’s only half the formula. You must also create and apply a disciplined measurement protocol to gauge your progress.

Besides the revenue goal that sits on your head for the quarter, focus your goal setting on specific accounts and skill development. (How will you drive more revenue using the same level of skills?)

Let’s say you want to "grow ACME Inc by 50% YOY for this quarter," and you know it will take a stronger ability to overcome objections from ACME buyers. Then, you’ll need to record specific goals that will require constant monitoring.

Measuring revenue goals is simple: you either hit the number or you don’t. It’s trickier when grading your skill growth. Achievement measurement criteria for a skill dev goal like the above might look like this:
1. Create a list of anticipated objections ACME will have for my proposal.

2. Role-play the conversation dealing with the objection with teammates.

3. Observe and gauge the reaction from ACME client by their willingness to collaborate regarding the objection/challenge.

4. Use specific qualifying questions with ACME KDMs to understand how proposed solutions moved them past their objections.

If you actually do the work listed by those four criteria, you’ll be on your way toward learning how your efforts correlate with results and skill growth.

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