Thursday, 18 April
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Steering your peer in the group preso.

Skill + Do

Even though your big group pitch meetings are, in fact, pitches…they can’t feel like they are. Help your teammates with how they will present when it’s their turn…approach is everything.

The stakes are higher when three or four on your team pitch a big group of buyers.

These presentations scream for more preparation and attention to detail. Like a symphony orchestra can’t make good sounds without a competent conductor, your big group pitch meetings will fall flat unless you manage them tightly. (Your account, your job!)

Even though it’s a pitch meeting, it can’t feel like a pitch. Start by reviewing how your teammates will present their slides, collateral, data, etc. Don’t be afraid to challenge your peers…you all want the same thing! Next, develop specific questions each of you on the team will ask at various times in the meeting to get the buyers engaged.

Nuance and dexterity matter a lot in these meetings. You could have the best product in the world but mess up the meeting by being unprepared and unrehearsed.

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“The questions you ask are more important that the things you could ever say.” Thomas Freese

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