Thursday, 25 April
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"I have no time."

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To master time, you must first get disciplined about prioritizing the stuff that really has to get done, and filter out all the rest. Don’t waste time focusing on Priority B issues.

Sit back and listen to this story about Sean, the Time Master. Sean was a charter member of the TOP 10% because she figured out how to…yup, you got it: master time.

Sean regularly scheduled a 15-minute block on her calendar each morning at 10.45a and afternoon at 2.45p for what she called "Stuff That I Don’t Like Doing, But Must Do, and Would Rather Deal with All at Once."

That long-winded title is what Sean named it because she liked to entertain herself, and thus, it read that way in her calendar. (Ironically, the chopped-down title appeared in her calendar as "Stuff That I Do…")

To stay focused and compartmentalize, Sean kept a white piece of paper on her desk; she changed it daily so it was fresh and clean every morning. Wanna take a stab at what she wrote as the title across the top of the blank 8.5 by 11 sheet? NO….that would be stupid to write, "Stuff That I Don’t Like Doing, But Must Do, and Would Rather Deal with All at Once." She merely labeled it STIDLDBMDaWRDwAaO. Much more logical.

As she progressed through the morning and came across items that found her either through text, Slack, email, Zoom, or smoke signals, Sean would determine if it was a task that needed her attention IMMEDIATELY, or at 10.40a, the first calendar block on her schedule for Priority B issues.

You can imagine how efficient this made Sean when it came to being proactive versus reactive… and you can imagine…..OOOPS, time’s up. The clock has expired on the time allotted for this anecdote. You know how the story ends; good luck.

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"It is the malady of our age that the young are so busy teaching us that they have no time left to learn." Eric Hoffer

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