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Buyer comms just STOPPED

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No written law states that the buyer must keep communicating with you. So you need to develop as many friends and champions on each account – as fast as possible – to avoid getting thrown to the side.

Since the beginning of time, buyers have shrugged off sellers like water falls off a duck’s back. They just – poof – disappear.

No written law states that the buyer is obligated to keep communicating with you. When they want to be done, most of the time they’ll just float away. And there’s no official announcement that comes with this decision.

Therefore, the decision to deal with said customers depends entirely on you.

But before it gets to the point of no return, there are a few things to remember about your selling approach that might prevent getting ghosted. Try these on for size:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Once you’ve opened an opp, hurry like hell to meet as many people as possible who work on the account.

2. Develop as many champions as you can…again, FAST.

3. Establish a ground rule with your main points of contact that will hopefully encourage them to stay engaged with you. Try the following when the time is right, "You’re not gonna be one of those buyers who just disappears, right? I mean, you’re gonna be as honest and available with me as I am with you…right?"

It’s a sharp approach – and certainly, you should edit it to your taste – but the point is to try and create respect and communication obligation early in the process.

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“It’s interesting how people ignore you when you are no longer beneficial to their needs!” Lily Amis

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