Monday, 29 April
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Didya read 'Never Split the Difference'?

Skill + Do

Chris Voss has been negotiating for decades, so it makes sense to soak up all he has to say. Voss urges you and his other students to mute your ego and lead with empathy in your negotiations.

After working on more than 150 international hostage cases for the FBI, Chris Voss retired as a Fed in 2007 and founded The Black Swan Group, a negotiations training org.

One of Chris’s main tenets is simple for every seller to appreciate: everything is negotiable.

While many nuances and corollaries must be mastered in negotiating, learning to control emotions and lead with empathy is a top priority.

You’ll win most of your negotiations when you don’t view them as "do or die"…keeping your ego at bay doesn’t hurt either. That’s easier said than done, given the immense pressure you face to hit your number, which is why it makes sense to collaborate with your manager before every transaction.

Tomorrow - June 20

"Buyer, I object to your stupid objection."

Today - June 19

Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???

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June 18

Q2 account reviews that make your mgr smile.

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June 17

Whadya mean, you're not killing it right now?

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"People love to be asked how to do something. They feel powerful, and from a deferential position, you’ve actually granted that power, and you’re the one with the upper hand in the conversation." Chris Voss

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