Tuesday, 30 April
Today's Topic
April is done; time to clean those PIPES!

Skill + Do

Ask direct and hard questions in your meetings and probe for the truth from your buyers about their intent to buy. Do it in every meeting.

Force yourself to throw out the rotten fruits and veggies today – mark your stale deals as "closed lost" and move on.

Nobody cares about the aggregate amount of your pipeline if none of it closes.

You can be the nicest gal/guy inside your org, and say all the right things in meetings, and volunteer to push all the chairs back in the conference room after meetings…but if you don’t deliver an accurate rev projection each quarter, your credibility is shot.

How do you get good at pipeline management and forecasting?

Aask direct and hard questions in all of your meetings and probe for the truth from your buyers about their intent to buy. Listening to the anwers of your smart questions is not enough, you’ll also need to qualify buyers and fight through objections.

Tomorrow - June 20

"Buyer, I object to your stupid objection."

Today - June 19

Didn't we JUST have a weekly sales meeting last week???

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June 18

Q2 account reviews that make your mgr smile.

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June 17

Whadya mean, you're not killing it right now?

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"Forecasts tell us more of the forecaster than the forecast." Warren Buffett

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