Friday, 17 May
Today's Topic
Friday is PRACTICE day!

Skill + Do

Stick a fork in the old way of practicing skills: sitting on a chair on a stage role-playing in front of your peers. There’s a better way that involves you and your BFF at work.

Why not practice your selling moves with your sales friends? Messing up and correcting yourself with your teammates is how you’ll learn to make it right when in front of your customers.

Focus your practice on specific scenarios like these:

1. Value prop: Practice framing your VP specifically for a customer you’ll meet with next week. Instruct your practice partner to challenge you on some of the issues. You’ll want to get practice time hearing how you respond to various potential reactions.

2. Objections: Instruct your practice partner to present you with objections so you can hear how you handle them. Are you brief and succinct? Or do you rush to solve the problem? Practice listening and expressing empathy to your role-playing partner.

3. Strategic questions: Ask your partner the same strategic questions you will be asking your customer so you can practice the conversation that will ensue.

Finally, remember the number one privilege of role-playing as a seller: call time-out and play your do-over card if you don’t like how you’ve responded. That’s exactly what practice is for. Making mistakes, fixing them on the spot, and correcting them.

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“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” John Wooden

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