Friday, 24 May
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Get cocky today, see what happens.

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Confidence is key for a successful sales life, but confidence has many levels. How you interpret situations to know when to dial it up or down is vitally important.

Confidence will take you far in your sales life.

You know that.

There are two main issues with sales confidence that you need to keep front-n-center at all times:

1. Read your customers and temper your approach: you want to give enough confidence for your buyers to trust you without offending them. Buyers need you to be confident, but they will get scared off the second you turn into Ms./Mr. Seller Hot Shot.

2. Create a confident you on those days when you don’t feel it. Go back to your personal manifesto and read all the good stuff you stand for and what’s important to you. Review your Wins Journal to help you remember your talents and strengths. Sometimes, acting confidently is based on a decision – so do what you need to do to isolate your vulnerabilities on those days when you need to reach for your confidence.

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"Don’t get too cocky. Life will always find a way to humble you." Dan Goldberg

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