Tuesday, 28 May
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Make 10 calls before 10am!

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The key to prospecting is becoming shark-like in your protection of prospecting time. You have permission to bite anything that swims into your prospecting time. Prospecting is your lifeblood.

So you put a block of time on your calendar for some prospecting today…excellent. Good for you.

Guard that chunk of time on your calendar with all your might. It helps your motivation to title the calendar invite something like "Prospecting for Rome Vacation."

Predictably, the second you reserve a prospecting block on your calendar, people will come out of the woodwork trying to steal that time. Don’t let it happen.

Prospecting is a game of both offense and defense. Get aggressive with your offensive attack, and defend that prospecting block with your life.

You know how to get to people.

You know how to send emails and make calls.

You know how to create compelling outreach.

You know how to ask for referrals. You know how to work a list of those who will make your quarter and year.

But can you focus on prospecting like your life depends on it?

Whatever you do today, keep that block of prospecting time sacrosanct.

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“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” Walter Elliot

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