Thursday, 30 May
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Video meetings without slides

Skill + Do

Video meetings do not present the optimal opportunity for you to influence decisions and enhance buying opinions. Be smart about how you manage these meets and chillax on the pitching. Just talk!

You’ve undoubtedly mastered video pitch meeting best practices, such as framing your face 18" from the camera and ensuring your wonderful face is fully lit.

What about your eye contact? Above everything else, try to make your eyes seen throughout the meeting. This requires uncomfortable staring at the green dot for as long as possible. Challenge yourself to stare longer than how your favorite TV anchor stares into the camera (at least they have the teleprompter to read.)

Managing video meetings gets easier when you realize they’re not for pitching…they’re best when talking occurs. And the talking that has to happen is mostly by your customer. Shoot for an 80/20 balance of them versus you talking (…them 80%, you 20%).

So, of course, this means that your video meetings require you to come to the virtual table with a laundry list of questions to ask. These questions must be open-ended and hopefully strategic. Your buyers will get bored answering tactical questions like "When’s the money gonna be released?"

Here’s the kicker that’ll really blow your mind: you must keep these meetings to 15 minutes max. Your customer won’t like the feeling of being interrogated, and besides, the video meeting you’re hosting is just a set-up for the next meeting.

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“Most people doubt online meetings can work but they somehow overlook that most in-person meetings don’t work either.” Scott Berkun

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