Wednesday, 8 May
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"Is AI gonna eat my lunch...*and* dinner?"

Skill + Do

What AI will mean for your life in sales is up to you, not AI. YOU decide how to respond through adoption and growing your skills. You are its daddy, not the other way around.

With every new tech shift, there’s extreme hype and facts; the truth often settles somewhere in the middle.

Every tech advancement requires the same formula of self-reflection:
1. What does it offer and how can you leverage it to the max?

2. What will it mean for how you work?

Because you work with a toolkit of sharp selling skills, all you need to do is figure out how to stay ahead of AI by sharpening your key skills.

Before you mutter, "…easier said than done…" remember that you go about your day not thinking twice about the skills you use. You just "do."

AI has changed the game in that you can’t just "do" anymore. Because AI offers the promise of significant change and value, you’ll have to get more serious about your self-appraisal of skills and what you’ll need to work on. What would happen if you consciously applied energy to sharpening your skills?

AI will be transformational, but that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t excel in the sales life. Get in the pool, determine what AI means to your role, and then build a plan to make AI work for you.

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"59% of sales skills can be augmented by generative AI." Gail Moody-Byrd

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