Thursday, 9 May
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Wow a customer, get a referral

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Asking clients for intros inside their organizations doesn’t just help you get meetings; it is also a fast track to learning how they think about your offering. They won’t intro you if they don’t like you.

Asking customers for intros must take center stage in your prospecting efforts. And of course, it’s much easier when you’re in front of them…whether in person or on Zoom.

Getting your friendlies to refer you is a much simpler way to build your network versus cold-calling. Also, asking for intros helps you qualify your prospect and learn insights about their current buying state.

It’s imperative that you remember to close each customer meeting – whether F2F or video – with the question, "From what we’ve discussed today, do you feel comfortable helping me inside the org?" They’ll likely say "yes" or start talking about potential folks you should meet with. Good!

But, asking the aforementioned question also offers these tangible benefits:
1. It might lead to a discussion about your prospect’s opinion of your offering.

2. You open the door to learning where decision power is seated in the org by learning who that customer recommends you talk to next.

Once you’ve got a name, inform your client that you will write the intro note for them to send along….make it easy on ’em.

Congrats, you’re off and running and probably just secured the easiest meeting you’ll ever get.

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"Referrals are NOT an entitlement." Timothy M. Houston

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