Wednesday, 26 June
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My manager junked up my pitch meeting, argh!

Skill + Do

True or false: It’s up to you to train your manager.

Well…yes and no.

Be specific and direct to your manager about what you respond to (i.e., what best motivates you), but also, appreciate your manager knows a thing or two about the business and management.

Manager/seller relations are rarely perfect and if there isn’t a little tension here and there, then perhaps someone is holding out and not sharing the truth about needs and expectations.

Both sides need communication courage to reach a high level of trust. Here are a few tips that might help your communication efforts with your manager:
1. Be direct, honest, specific, and clear. Yeah, you know this…so do it. Don’t let problems fester.

2. Focus on strategic issues, not just the tactical stuff. Show your manager you know how to think critically about your business. In turn, you’ll force her/him to think critically for you.

3. Limit email conversations between you and your manager – too much context is lost when email is the dominant communication mode.

Don’t forget, a regular rotation of offsite meetings between the two of you will get you deeper on everything: business issues, interpersonal situations, and problem-solving, to name a few. Offsite 1:1s don’t have to be formal…just get outa the office every two or three months.

Finally, never talk smack about your manager to others. Even though your peers might be spewing at you while sipping a cold one at the bar, don’t fall for it. Not only is it a bad look, but it’s unfair to your manager and inappropriate.

Your manager is doing the best job possible to help you. If it’s not what you need or want, it’s ALSO on you to fix it.

Tomorrow - July 19

Stop saying "thanks for your time."

Today - July 18

On this day, Nadia got a 10

Nadia Com─âneci was playing for Gold medals; you’re playing for big commissions. Both of you know you need to be maniacal about the behaviors and habits that drive the results you want.

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July 17

"Me no afraid of sales angst!"

Sometimes fear can motivate sellers, and other times it can be crippling. And because you know occupational hazards don’t go away on their own, you have to create a plan for dealing with them.

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July 16

Who's NOT my champion buyer?

You know how to bond with anyone…you’re a pro. But the strength of your bond is determined by how you provide value for your Champion inside their world, not inside a bar.

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"Winners anticipate; losers react." Tony Robbins

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