Wednesday, 5 June
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NO to chips-n-dip; yes to exercise snacks.

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While it’s true that you’ll need more exercise than an exercise snack each day, these snacks are crucial in preventing you from being glued to your chair for hours. They’re not just a break from work…exercise snacks are a boost to your productivity. Even bathroom breaks can’t match the benefits of an at-your-desk routine.

All it takes is a reminder and discipline.

For the reminder part, set a bunch of 5-minute breaks at the :55 mark of every hour. Don’t worry if you miss a few of them; you might set eight during the day and only get to four…and that’s a HUGE win.

As for the more significant exercise habits you need., you don’t need another source telling you about the benefits of exercise or how to hard-wire a rigorous routine into your week.

Remember that your brain will thank you when you move your body.

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"Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing." Tanya Poppett

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