Tuesday, 6 June
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Do pushups every day for a week, and you’ll feel stronger. Decide daily to have a good attitude, and by Friday, you won’t need to hit the bar…you’ll be flying high on a good attitude alone.

Did you know 87.15% of sellers with a "good attitude" close 94.4% of their deals? (That stat doesn’t even sound real.)

You’re right, it’s not real. Who needs stats when the logic is sound? Bringing a good attitude to your sales day is better than leaving it at home, eh? Attitude is on the docket again today because muscle building requires repetition.

Yesterday, you decided to have a good attitude for the day! Good. But owning a good attitude over consecutive days requires consistency and habit! You shouldn’t have to think too hard about what to wear each day, and likewise about whether or not you’ll have a good attitude!

The fact that you’re excited about spending two straight days on attitude says a lot…mostly, it says you’ve got a good attitude. Niiiiiiiice. Good job. Remember, it’s your decision on what kind of an attitude you want riding shotgun around with you!

While you’re on your way toward owning – not renting – a good attitude, you realize it takes more than a couple of days of awareness and focus. So far, congrats on understanding two important things about maintaining a good disposition: first, you can decide to have a good attitude; second, appreciating the value of regularly contributing to a wins journal (WJ).

Yesterday you were asked to decide on your attitude for the day; today is the same but with a twist that might help you for the entire week. Literally, ask yourself this question – every day if needed: "Is there any reason I shouldn’t have a good attitude today?"

When tomorrow comes around, and the MSD topic shifts to listening, add this question to your time in front of the mirror: "What are all the good reasons I should have a good attitude today?"


Do you scoff at the thought that one pushup can change your body? How about one attitude pushup? Often physical activity helps spur a mental commitment. Try it and do one pushup.

Attitudes can be undependable, even downright flaky. Some days, the positive attitude (PA) is so strong you can playfully shove it in the back while walking down the street! On other days, you need a PI to find your PA.

The good news is you can call your PI anytime. Just like you sometimes need to re-program your Tesla or AppleTV, you’ll need to re-program your brain to connect with your PA.

Today, create and say aloud a mantra that restarts your PA. Your mantra should be in your voice, but if you’re creatively dry right now, use this: "I am in a good mood, and I can conquer anything I set out to do today." Say it aloud as many times as needed.

Mantras actually work. Developing verbal scripts that help you reinforce desires and goals is a great habit.

Sometimes, however, physical activities can work better than verbal mantras. So, right now, stop reading this and get on the floor and do an attitude push-up!

Wait! What? What exactly is an "attitude push-up" (Good for you to challenge everything.)

An attitude pushup is a physical commitment that supports a mental commitment. You could also view it as a physical activity reinforcing a mantra… whatever…stop delaying and get on the floor and do a pushup. On the way down, ask yourself, "What’s my attitude gonna be today?" On the way up, repeat your attitude mantra.

Crack AI, and big data researchers employed full-time by MySalesDay have found that in 100 out of 100 instances of doing an attitude pushup, the reply on the up-push is always the same: "I’m gonna have a GOOD attitude today." Go ahead and try it again. It’s impossible not to utter that response!

Make today the first day you do an attitude pushup, and be sure to record it in your WJ. While you’re in there, read what you wrote yesterday. Feel good about your wins over the last couple of days…first and foremost that you did a pushup!

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"People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude." John C. Maxwell

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