Friday, 14 July
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Summer Fridays


If you’ve committed to working a full day today, make it meaningful. If you’re taking some Summer Friday time off today – because you can and want to – go for it. And again, make it meaningful.

Summer Fridays are great…for some! Most companies offer some time off options, which creates a dilemma for sellers. For sellers, Summer Fridays can mess with your head.

"Here, take Friday off…and the one after that. But, you better blow out your number this quarter…and next quarter and next….and….ahem. Where ya going?? You’re taking a summer Friday??"

What are you supposed to do? Truly.

It is widely understood that sales is a time game. Your competition is the clock, not the other vendors. On top of it all, you are the master of your time. You work when you need to work…sometimes on weekends. Sometimes, late into the night.

So, what should you think about this company policy thing called Summer Fridays? Take what you can get? Take it when you’re tracking to hit your number?

On one hand, there’s no friggin’ end to the job. You always have something to do… speaking of To Do, that list of yours seems to grow. It never shrinks.

On the other hand…well, you know what’s on the other hand: you burn for your company. You burn hot in your job, and it takes a toll. Summer Fridays are earned, and you deserve it.

The right answer to this dilemma can only be solved by you. But the message is simple: be productive. If you’ve committed to working a full day today, do it, and don’t look back. Make it mean something. If you’re taking a half day – because you can and want to – DO IT. And again, make it meaningful.


For those tasks that you kicked down the road, thinking, "I need a big block of time for that." …THIS is your day. A review of your strategic account planners will reveal what needs your attention.

If today’s calendar was blocked for weeks with the words "SUMMER FRIDAY," then go do something fun and don’t look back. (Also, don’t look at your phone.)

If you’re working today, that’s great too. But be productive. The day will be slow, but that doesn’t mean you have to run slowly.

Sure, you can work on your To Do list, clean up the inbox, and get a little more organized. But, make sure you do ONE big thing today that will make you feel fulfilled when you shut it down.

Doing those tidying-up things is fine, but they’re not as satisfying as knocking down one BIG thing.

Your biggest enemy on a Summer Friday is focus. If you are working today, be disciplined, reminding yourself there’s only so much time left to make your mark in this quarter and the year.

No doubt you have many big demands, events, and deadlines coming at you in the next few weeks that could use attention; pick one and dedicate real focus to it.

Check your strategic account planners to see what you might need to move to the top of your list. What about prospecting? It’s always a good time to do prospecting! How about another check-in on your time management protocol to ensure you’re on target where you’re spending time?

For all those tasks that you kicked down the road, thinking, "I need a big block of time for that." …well, THIS is your day. Dig in.

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"It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man." -Ben Franklin

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