Tuesday, 4 July
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Happy Independence Day


The sales job is not rigid, nor is it linear. The sales job can be amorphous and come with a lot of flexibility. This is a good week to reflect on that and celebrate your independence.

For fast-running sellers, holidays are the rare instances when the world stops. You might even wonder if your inbox and phone are working. (Don’t argue! Enjoy it.)

On this Independence Day for Americans, have fun celebrating your country’s independence…and yours too.

While bound to quotas and performance standards, sellers are mainly independent operators. Sure, you work for a company, but it’s your territory, your list; how you approach selling to it is mostly up to you. The burden of performance on you is high, but so are the luxuries and flexibilities of your role.

Freedom is built into the sales role, so today, celebrate that too.

Most sellers fully appreciate the timeless borders of the sales job. You don’t punch a clock, and you’re not judged by widget production in any given hour. If you can hit your quota working 20 hours a week, more power to ya.

Such flexibility is often too nebulous for some sellers, but others thrive on it. While this is no attempt to extort the American Independence Day holiday to yet another lesson on time management, it is a good segue to correlate the holiday with the independence of your job.

The sales job is not rigid. The sales job is not linear. The sales job is flexible and sometimes amorphous. (You know where this is going, right?)

"Announcement: today on Aisle 12, we’re having a sale on RIGIDITY for all sellers…no coupon necessary." Umm, yeah. That would never be the aisle you want to go down. As a fast-moving, up-the-charts revenue driver, you want to be buying flexibility, pliancy, and moldability (yes, the last two are words).

Yes, It’s your patch, it’s your client base, it’s your time, and it’s your decision on how to play. But the traits should match the role. So next time you start getting bent outa shape on some client issue…picture yourself back on aisle seven, buying ductility and bendiness.

Independence is an empowering concept, cherish it and be it.


It’s always redeeming to think about and thank those responsible for holidays. You know who gave you the chance to sleep in a bit today; thanking our founding fathers is gonna feel good today.

Today, reflect on the power of and privilege of independence in your role as a seller.

Think positively about how you cherish the freedoms you have as a seller. If you have a few customers also classified as friends, send ’em a quick text today with some exploding fireworks.

Your prospects/clients may conclude you’re just being patriotic for the day, but you’re also proclaiming the freedom you feel and cherish about your sales role.

Light some fireworks. Eat a bunch of hot dogs (and imagine you’re the world-famous Joey Chestnut). Put on a favorite recording of Grand Ol’ Flag. Read a Wikipedia entry about one of the Founding Fathers. Wear red, white, and blue…together. And for sure, smile because you have the day off.

But whatever you do, realize that what you have is worth fighting for. You have a strong career and future as a sales professional…keep fighting.

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"For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." -Nelson Mandela

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