Tuesday, 1 August
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Quota Negotiation

Skill + Do

Plan now to make your case for quota relief in ’24…if it’s deserved. What and how you present your case to your manager makes a difference and can help your case immeasurably.

Your manager has leeway with where the quota gets apportioned amongst the team, so getting relief is actually more reasonable than you may think. If your company is financially healthy, you might have a shot at affecting your number. Of course, if your company is struggling, ya may want to pick another battle.

When the TOP 10% make a play for quota relief, they lead with numbers and facts; they never lead with extenuating circumstances (aka dog ate homework stories about why that account didn’t spend or why this account canceled the contract.).

If you’ve watched the same folks on your team hit their numbers year over year – and you’ve struggled – you may have a good case to plead. But maybe they are that good, so be careful comparing yourself to them. Compare your numbers to the whole sales org. Bring the facts about your territory so there’s no emotion when you and your manager chat.

Your manager doesn’t care about your hard work and hard luck ("…this account went dark", etc), your manager cares about how you strategically understand and appraise your territory.

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“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.” – Carrie Fisher

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