Friday, 11 August
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Value Proposition

Skill + Do

Owning your VP and using it frequently with clients is table stakes. Turbo-charging your VP includes qualifying so you learn which part of your VP your client most cares about.

The TOP 10% understand how important it is to own their VP.

Owning means they can use the VP in their voice and make it sound powerful and genuine to their customers. Owning means they look for opportunities to use the VP as much as possible in numerous selling scenarios.

But the TOP 10% also own a secret that separates them from the rest: they complement their VP usage with a HEAVY integration of qualifying skills. Check it out…

"So Mr. Client, which one of those three value elements interests you the most?"

Or, "Which one of those three benefits addresses the challenges you’re having?"

Don’t just sit there after delivering a human sounding VP expecting a standing ovation, USE this great messaging tool to springboard you into learning more about your customer’s needs.

Tomorrow - June 20

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June 18

Q2 account reviews that make your mgr smile.

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June 17

Whadya mean, you're not killing it right now?

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“Nobody cares about you, your brand, or your company. You’re irrelevant…until proven otherwise.” – Steve Woodruff

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