Tuesday, 22 August
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Skill + Do

A recent study based on the book At My Pace” by Jill Ebstein found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds today. (Goldfish are at 9 seconds.)

Eye contact. Voice modulation. Pausing. Energy. More eye contact. Pointing to slides on the screen, pointing to parts of a hand-out. Questions and then listening, plus a little back-and-forth.

That pretty much sums up the traditional stand and deliver routine, eh?

You can do it any day without thinking. The problem is, that’s not really what satisfies customers these days. You realize your customer has perfected the art of the "I’m listening stare" when they’re really not, right?

It might be time to adjust how you "present" to your customers.

Integrate "conversation into your presentation to the tune of about a 90/10 ratio and you’ve arrived at something closer to what the customer wants.

Everything posted above still stands – eye contact, voice modulation, pausing, questions, listening – but now turn down the salesmanship* and you stand a chance at being trusted and remembered.

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"You’re probably smarter than you present yourself." – Norman Granz

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