Friday, 4 August
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Selling to Friends

Skill + Do

Friends need you to be a capable salesperson as much as you need them to be a loyal buyer. Keep doing the things you did when you were first developing the relationship, and you’ll both benefit.

Rule #1 regarding selling to friends: don’t back down.

Selling to friends affords a level of transparency and honesty that don’t exist with your other relationships – that’s gold.

When it comes to meetings, don’t change a thing with your prep: create an agenda for the meeting and send it over ahead of time. Have some fun with it…acknowledge your friendship by inserting an agenda item that refers to their kids’ weekend soccer game.

For all the other stuff, don’t be shy. Ya got problems on the account? Get your friend involved. Need the truth about obstacles? Get your friend working as your agent.

You’ll certainly adjust your tone and approach in the meeting, but you’ve been tap dancing since you started in sales…you got this. Keep your friends close. Full stop.

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"When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you. -Walter Payton

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