Monday, 7 August
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Servicing vs. Selling

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Not all servicing scenarios present an opportunity for you to slip into selling mode, but be aware of all your opportunities with clients to discuss your value.

You know your product / offering is imperfect; that means servicing opportunities may occur as soon as the ink dries. Any interaction with your customer is deemed good, even those times when they might be piping mad from an error or execution snafu.

That’s okay; it happens. You’ll fix it.

Every interaction short of an emergency (when clients are irate) must be viewed as a selling opportunity.

After the sale has been made, the TOP 10% don’t think about selling or servicing because they’re ALWAYS sneaking benefits into their conversations with buyers. You’re the best judge on how/when to shift to selling mode, but the point is don’t lose an opportunity to learn about your customer and their needs.

Your customer may need more of what you got, and servicing conversations could be the path toward helping them spend more with you!

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The customer’s perception is your reality. ~ Kate Zabriskie

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