Thursday, 21 September
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Verbal Skills

Skill + Do

You know when you sound like a semi-human sales bot, so be aware of how your voice sounds and practice. Get your seller voice to where you know your customers will find genuine and credible.

It’s not just the sound of your voice but how you use it that matters. If someone were to ask you, "Where’s the drama in your voice?" would you know what that meant?

Your interpretation is correct: How you make your voice perform is as much a part of selling as is owning your value proposition.

Here are some speaking elements that you should think about when pitching, er, conversing with your customers:
+ inflection
+ energy
+ pauses
+ modulation
+ tone
+ strength
+ enunciation

Finding your voice includes reaching the natural state where everything sounds natural…and authentic. (You could even throw the word "human onto the heap.)

Ya see, buyers pick up on the "selling" in voices, and they don’t much care for it. Yes, you gotta pitch, but you shouldn’t sound preachy and formulaic in the process.

Finding your voice also includes getting the tone right…especially when using marketing department-created talk tracks with customers. You’ll need to translate what was created for you into jargon that sounds human to your customers.

You can hear yourself when you sound like a semi-human sales-bot*, just be aware and practice so you get to the place you know your customers will find genuine and credible.

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"Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to reply." – Stephen Covey

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