Wednesday, 27 September
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Customer Meeting Goals

Skill + Do

If you agree that the little things in sales make a big difference, start by using "you" more than "I" in documents, emails, and proposals. Clients will feel more engaged with the spotlight on them.

Pronoun mastery is key in sales: "you" the seller, is not nearly as important as the "you" who is the customer.

If you agree it’s the little things that make a big difference, then start by using "you" in documents, emails, and proposals more than "I." The client wants to see their name, not yours.

Eliminate the "I am sending this email to you…" and "I think you should see our demo v. 2.5." The customer cares about only one person.

Emails are the obvious place to correct to reduce your usage of "I," but spoken words are important, too.

What do you think will engage a prospect or client more in a face-to-face meeting: your usage of "I," "us," and "our"? Or, would the customer’s interest be piqued more if they constantly hear "you," "you," and "you" out of your mouth?

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"Make the customer the hero of your story." – Anne Handley

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