Thursday, 28 September
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Fight the gravitational forces that keep you in a transactional and tactical mind frame. Keep prospecting fertile ground, but also you’ll realize it’s easier to grow a running client.

Sure, it’s hard to think big when it seems all you do each day is put out fires and handle tactical issues.

But you didn’t get into sales to be a tactician or an administrator, right? So let those who explore outer space inspire you to explore some space of your own: your accounts that have money you’re not getting!

If you were to shadow one of the TOP 10% sellers on your team, you’d see they spend time strategically thinking about how to get more from the accounts that are already spending. They know it’s easier to expand business from those who are already buying from you.

Push through the two main challenges sellers face when thinking big:
1. Time: Force yourself to set aside time from the tactical work to think and strategize about the upside that’s there for you on your running accounts.
2. Assemble a team: To increase running business exponentially, you need a team to help you with everything from research to ideation of solutions to product development that invent new and bespoke bells and whistles for that client.

Fight the gravitational forces that keep you in a transactional frame-of-mind: it’s okay to keep prospecting fertile ground, but at some point, you must grow what’s already there for you.

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"I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life, it’s just been too intelligent to come here." -Arthur C. Clarke

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