Thursday, 7 September
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Skill + Do

Worry less about how to develop your closing muscle versus all the other skills that are needed: needs analysis, qualifying and objection handling.

Don’t think of closing as a singular selling skill, think of it as a combination of skills and specific techniques.

Sellers earn the right to close when they’ve aligned their offering with the buyer’s needs, and collaboratively worked through obstacles and objections.

More or less.

If a mathematician were attempting to create a formula that defined closing, it might look like this:

Closing = needs analysis + qualifying + objection handling.

But what about the ol’ fashioned asking for the business?

Good question. Presenting a confident proclamation to the buyer that you want their business is important (you’re not just there to party and dance, right?).

But if you’re gonna take that approach and ask for the biz, justify it. Explain to the buyer why you think you deserve it.

Tomorrow - June 20

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June 17

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"Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day." – Rory Vaden

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